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Naabab ResQme lifesaver 🧯

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Naabab The Original Emergency Keychain Car Escape Tool, 2-in-1 Seatbelt Cutter and Window Breaker, Made in USA, Safety Yellow-Compact Emergency Hammer

  • The original 2-in-1 lifesaving compact emergency car safety tool: this emergency keychain hammer provides peace of mind to yourself and your family on the road in case of car entrapment. Can be used in various situations such as rollover, electrical system failure, car fire, floods, sinking car accident.
  • Jammed seatbelt cutter: the razor-sharp, stainless-steel blade allows to cut a jammed seat belt in no time. Slice the seat belt diagonally for a quick and clean cut. Can be used multiple times.
  • Tempered glass window breaker: the solid, heavy-duty, stainless-steel spike easily breaks tempered glass car side windows. Hit preferably one of the corners of the window for better result. The resqme is equipped with a spring-loaded mechanism and resets after each use. The resqme is reusable multiple times.
  • Easily Accessible, No Installation Required

How does it work?

The resqme tool attaches to your keychain with a detachable clip. In the event of an emergency, pull the resqme tool away from the clip to reveal the blade. If the seatbelt is jammed, cut the belt by hooking the blade over and slicing it across.

To break the window, press the black head of the tool against the corner of the window and it will release the spring-loaded spike and shatter the glass. The resqme tool does not work on car windshields. It is effective only against tempered glass commonly used in side windows.

How do I remove the safety blade clip?

First attach the key ring or the cable tie (or the lanyard if you purchased the Premium Accessory Pack) around the loop of the clip to have more of a grip. Then unsnap the clip (pull straight / brisk movement) using the key ring or the cable tie around the loop.

Please note that without support of key ring or the cable tie it can be a little difficult to remove the blade clip and can cause the resqme to break.

How do I know the type of glass used in my car?

Most sunroofs and rear windows are tempered. To figure out what kind of glass is in the side window of your car, you can look in the bottom corner. There may be a label that says 'tempered' or 'laminated.' If not, roll down the window and look at it from a bird’s-eye view. If it’s smooth and looks like one piece, it’s tempered. If it looks like a sandwich with a ridge, it’s laminated.

Is the resqme reusable?

Yes! resqme is designed to be used more than 1 time!

The spring-loaded spike resets automatically and can be used multiple times.

The blade is very durable and can easily perform multiple seat belt cuts.